Active-duty military service and leave accrual


Q. Does active-duty time for basic training, AIT and PLDC (now WLC or some such thing) count for leave accrual in a GS job with the USDA when it was done as a member of the National Guard? Is it generally done under title 32 or title 10? I assume my one-year deployment to Iraq also counts for leave accrual and for buyback purposes. I have no idea where the orders are for the three periods in question (yes, I could request copies), but they appear to be included in box 12d (total prior active service) of the dd214 from the deployment.

A. Active duty in the armed forces is creditable for leave accrual purposes if 1) it precedes employment by the federal government or 2) you are called to active duty while an employee and are placed on LWOP-US.

Service where you are called to annual active duty for training while an employee don’t count.


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