Medicare Part B


Q. I have exhausted all sources to make a decision on carrying Medicare Part B while also carrying National Association of Letter Carriers health insurance through CSRS. I still am unsure if I am being penny-wise and pound-foolish in not applying for Medicare B. I know basing any decisions on future health care cannot be based on my prior luxury of good health enjoyed by many under the age of 65. I don’t want to make my choice without knowing realistic, or statistically based information. I know it isn’t as easy to predict as Las Vegas odds, but what can I do to support my decision, one way or the other?

A. All you can do is compare the benefits that would be added with the cost of Part B. If you know of, can anticipate or fear the conditions that Part B would add value to, go for it. If not, don’t. Only the future, when it’s too late, will tell you if you made the right decision.


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