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Q. I am in FERS with a start date of July 2010. Legislative branch pension is 1.7 percent for first 20 years.

Can I leave the legislative branch and go to the executive branch after three years and still receive the 1.7 percent pension, and finish the remaining two years of vesting in FERS at the 1.0 percent?

Can I return to the legislative branch later in my career and receive the 1.7 percent (up to 20 years) since my start date was prior to the law change in 2013?

Can I leave the legislative branch, but move to the executive branch after three years and not disrupt my vesting?

A. You would have to serve in the legislative branch for five years to be vested in the system and eligible to have that portion of your annuity computed using the higher multiplier when you retire. If you transfer to the executive branch with three years of service and work for two more years, you’d be vested in FERS.

If you transferred back to the legislative branch, there wouldn’t be any change in the amount of your retirement deductions. And your years of legislative service that didn’t exceed 20 would be computed using the 1.7 multiplier, with the rest being computed using the 1.0 multiplier.


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