Q. I am receiving workers’ compensation benefits through the Postal Service. I am considering the switch from OWCP to OPM (FERS). My concern is that I have been on OWCP since 1997 and am worried that all my cost-of-living adjustments would somehow not roll over and be figured into the Office of Personnel Management payments. Is there a way to get an accurate calculation of what my current benefits with OPM would be so that I can make an informed decision rather than trying to guess-timate? I called OPM and they told me they thought that the payments would be based on my high-3 at the time of separation. I am 56 years old.

A. What you heard from OPM was correct but incomplete. Your annuity would be based on your service and high-3 on the day you were separated plus any applicable cost-of-living increases that have been paid to annuitants since you went on workers compensation.


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