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Q. I will be 62 in February and plan on retiring. I joined the Navy in 1970. Since then, I have two years and nine months of active duty, two years of inactive Navy, 10 years of active Naval Reserve and 13 years of active Naval Reserve for a total of 25 years and eight months. I was placed on the Naval Reserve retired list in February 1999. I would be eligible for reserve retirement when I turned 60, which was February 2012. Authorization for retirement is per references 10 U.S.C. 12731, 12732, 12733, and 12739. In May 2001, I began my employment with the Postal Service under CSRS. I sold back military time, which came out to 17 years and eight months. Since I plan on retiring when I turn 62, am I eligible to receive my Naval Reserve retirement and the post office retirement? Under the CSRS publication, Section 22A3.1-3, it looks like I can receive both retirements, and if so, do I get retirement for 12 years or 30 years at the post office? If 12 years, can I get the money back that I paid to the post office for the military buyback?

A. You will be entitled to full retirement benefits from both with no reduction in either.


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