Leave without pay and creditable service


Q. I was reviewing my creditable service for retirement and was wondering about the calculation. During the first two years of my federal career (started Jan. 10, 1993), I was in a position that was not covered by FERS but covered by FICA. While in that position, I was in a leave-without-pay status for four months. My agency has given me service credit toward retirement for the time I was in LWOP status because it was less than six months. Does this sound correct?

A. LWOP that amounts to less than six months in a calendar year is considered creditable service. However, while that earlier period of service may be creditable for determining your leave accrual category, it usually isn’t creditable for retirement purposes, nor can you usually make a deposit to get credit for that time. You need to go to your personnel office and check to make sure they haven’t made a mistake.


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