Q. I am a level 13 postmaster who will receive a reduction-in-force notice in June 2014. My position as EAS 13 Postmaster will be demoted to an EP-55 Part-time Career employee. My plans were to take the RIF in June and leave in September 2014.

I am 51 years old and have been a federal employee since 1983. I was counting on leaving under the discontinued service retirement in June. However, now that they have offered this Voluntary Early Retirement Authority even though it offers no incentive, should I take the “safe” out now or wait until the RIF next June? (I am aware that I will take a 2 percent-per-year reduction for each year I retire under the age of 55.)

A. The decision is entirely up to you. By staying on, your annuity would be slightly higher and the age-based reduction slightly less. On the other hand, leaving now would be a sure thing, because the game could change and the RIF may not occur next year.


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