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Q. I am a former CSRS employee with 15½ years of service. I left the service in 1993. I need to apply for deferred retirement. Is there any benefit in waiting? I am applying for a federal position that does not close for several months and am wondering what happens once I start collecting my deferred retirement? Should I wait to apply for my deferred retirement? What happens if I take a federal job in a year?

I also took a refund of part of my CSRS deductions in 1983 (money was from 1977 to 1983) when I moved to another state. Shortly after I moved, I got a new CSRS position and worked for 10 more years until 1993 and did not take a refund when I left at that time. How does that affect my retirement?

A. When you apply for that deferred retirement, your annuity will be paid retroactive to the date you first became eligible for it. Although you took a refund of your retirement contributions for one period of service, you’ll still get credit for that time in determining your total years of service; however, unless you redeposit that money, plus accrued interest, you won’t get any credit for it when your annuity is calculated.

If you are retired when you are re-employed, the salary of your position will be offset by the amount of your annuity. If you aren’t receiving an annuity, you’ll get the salary with no reduction.


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