Annual military reserve training and creditable service


Q. I was active Army for two years and Army Reserve for 14 years. I bought back the two years. Can I also compute and buy back the annual active training including service/months in schools? If so, do I have to show orders and honorable discharge from the Reserve? I am a civilian employee for the Defense Department with 13 years of actual employment.

A. If those periods of annual, two-week active duty for training (ANACDUTRA) occurred while you were an employee, you’ve already received credit for them because you remained in a pay status. Periods before that time and extended periods of time for which you were put in Leave Without Pay-US may be creditable with the payment of a deposit. To find out more about what is and isn’t creditable, go to

To verify any periods that are creditable, you’ll have to get the proof from your branch of service.


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