Part-time work and annuity reduction


Q. I am a CSRS Offset employee who wishes to retire from a Defense Department agency in early 2014 and begin collecting my annuity. I also wish to be employed by different DoD agency part time (less than 1,000 hours per year) immediately after I retire.

Will my retirement annuity be reduced to offset any portion of my new part-time income from the new DoD agency?

If my retirement annuity is not reduced by any portion of my new part-time income, will any portion of my new part-time income be reduced by any portion of my retirement annuity?

Is there any threshold (i.e. number of hours) working part time for a federal agency which, if exceeded, would result in either a reduced annuity or reduced part-time pay?

A. The answer depends on the appointing authority used. If you are hired under an authority that allows you to receive both your annuity and your salary, there won’t be any reduction. If you aren’t, the salary of your new position would be offset by the amount of your annuity. You’ll have to check before you accept the post-retirement position.


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