Workers' compensation and creditable service


Q. I was injured early in my federal career after 9½ years in public service at the state level. My workers’ compensation was approved, and I spent two years on OWCP (June 2004 to June 2006) before I was able to return to work. I worked part time for two years in the interim (2007-09, private sector) before locating a new federal position. Because the injury resulted in permanent disability and I couldn’t go back to my original job, I returned in a different GS series. Can the two years I spent on OWCP be credited toward my federal service time for the purpose of calculating my total time in federal service? Additionally, is there any way to buy/rollover/consolidate my state-level public service time into my federal time?

A. Your period of time on workers compensation will be full creditable for retirement. Unfortunately, your non-federal service isn’t creditable for any purpose.


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