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 Q. I retired on disability in 2008 in a 6(c) (law enforcement) position. I would have been eligible to retire this year (at age 52) had I not become disabled. When will my retirement be recalculated since I fall under the age 57 mandatory retirement?

A. Your annuity will be recalculated when you reach age 62. At that time, an artificial retirement benefit will be calculated as though you had worked to age 62. The total time will be multiplied by 1 percent and the product multiplied by the your high-3 at the onset of your disability, increased by all FERS cost-of-living adjustments payable up to age 62.


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  1. Your answer here continues to baffle me; I am 62, I receive a Fers Disability annuity since 2012; it’s now 2019 and I turned 62 in Sep 2018. I have not gotten one email / letter / txt etc. from Opm concerning the recalculation. The only correspondence was the basic notification concerning cost of living. There is nothing related to a recalculation reflected on my online account and I would like to see the figures specific to my recalculation but again I am baffled as to when your answer happens. I retired from DoD!

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