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Q. I have received my final annuity estimate from human resources and am awaiting my final retirement date, with the Office of Personnel Management receiving all my records for a final computation. Human resources has deducted me for a nonredeposit from 1966 to 1969, for which I did terminate government service in 1969 (1966-1969). I then came back and re-employed from 1983 to the present. It’s been over 40 years, and I don’t recall filling out CSRS SF 2802 for a refund of my contribution for those three years. My notification of personnel action (SF-50) had a notation that OPM was going to pay back my accrued annual leave and no mention that I would have made an application for a refund of my contributions.

1. Would OPM still have a record if I did fill out an application for a refund in 1969?

2. Is SF-2802 required by an employee before any retirement contribution is paid out?

A. Yes, as a departing CSRS employee, you would have had to fill out a Standard Form 2802 to get a refund of your retirement contributions. OPM may have that form if you did indeed receive a refund. You’ll have to ask your agency personnel office to check with OPM’s Retirement Operations Center in Boyers, Pa.

P.S. OPM wouldn’t have paid you for your unused annual leave. Only your agency could have done that.


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