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Q. I was employed 19 years as a law enforcement officer in a 6(c) position under FERS. My agency closed my post of duty and attempted to locate me some 300 miles away. It should be noted that the agency and agents had a mobility agreement in place. Due to family issues, I resigned. After a couple of years, I returned to an LEO position. However, it is not designated as a 6(c) position. I am getting ready to retire. Because of the closing of my duty station, and a relocation outside my commuting area, am I still entitled to 19 years of 6(c) retirement benefits? Also, is AUO computed into the high-3?

A. No. You have to have 20 years of actual law enforcement coverage to have your annuity computed using under the enhanced retirement benefit provision.


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  1. Are Bureau of Engraving and Printing Police Officer covered under 6(c) Retirement? I am currently a Federal Air Marshal and 6(c) covered. I was wanting to relocate and was curious if BEP Officers are 6(c) covered to continue my 6(c) retirement benefit.

    • To the best of my knowledge, they aren’t covered under 6(c). Before moving to that new position, you’ll need to check with their personnel office to see if their status has changed.

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