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Q. My SF-50 Block 30 is coded as a C (FICA and CSRS (Partial)). I would like more information about my current retirement status. How would I determine the amount of my deposit into my CSRS before I retire? (When I left government, I took a refund of my CSRS contributions.) If the whole amount is paid back, would I get my retirement with full benefits?

Also, what would happen if I leave the federal government because of medical condition (disability) before I retire? How would that affect my disability amount if the redeposit is not fully paid? Would that put me in partial disability status?

A. You would have to make a full redeposit to get credit for that time in your annuity computation. To find out how much you owe, complete a copy of Standard Form 2803, Application to Make Deposit or Redeposit (available at, click on Forms) and send it to the Office of Personnel Management.

If you were to retire on disability, your disability annuity would be computed without that period of service for which you received a refund. If you did redeposit the money, that service would be included.


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