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Q. I would like to know if I can get back the money I returned (bought back) for my military time. I served three years (May 1974-May 1977), started federal civil service in November 1977 and retired in November 2009 with a total of 35 years — three military and 32 civil service. I bought back my military time because no one knew for sure at that time how it worked. I will not be eligible for Social Security at 62, or after, so it is my understanding that it will not affect my annuity. Is this correct? They will not deduct 2 percent for each year of military service (6 percent) at age 62. The way I see it, I paid that money back (did not need to), so I should be able to get it.

A. There is no provision in law that would allow you to get a refund. In effect, you made a bet and you lost.


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