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Q. How does a retired federal employee receive a 1099R from the Office of Personnel Management? A recent notice from OPM stated they will not be supplying 1099R through the mail as in the past. They suggest that you go on a computer with a user ID and OPM-assigned password. I have called OPM at least 45 times in the past two days and received only a busy signal. I cannot get to OPM to find a password or user ID.
Some older employees do not have computers or the knowledge to operate a computer. I worked at Puget Sound Shipyard and assisted many employees with just filling out forms, Many did not finish high school. I have no idea on how they will get the information. Some employees could not read or write. If they must purchase a computer and WiFi, does it become a deduction for reporting to the Internal Revenue Service?

A. According to OPM, 1099s are definitely mailed, unless a retiree has gone to its website and opted for the electronic version. If he did, he can call OPM’s Help Desk at 202-606-4947 and go to Option 3, account lockouts.


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