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Q. I retired from the Department of Agriculture on Jan. 3 with a balance of 440 hours of annual leave. The earnings statement for the lump-sum payment I received Feb. 1 shows that I was paid at my 2013 GS-12 hourly rate. I thought I was to be paid for this leave with the new 2014 hourly pay rate that is 1 percent higher since this payment was made after the new rates went into effect. Am I correct? If so how do I get this rectified?

A. Any hours of unused annual leave should have been paid at the 2013 rate up to Jan. 11, the end of the 2013 leave year, and the 2014 rate for any hours falling on or after Jan. 12, 2014. If there is an error in the payment, you’ll have to take it up with the payroll office at your former agency.


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