Involuntary separation, health insurance and deferred retirement


Q. I am 57 years and two months old. I am most likely going receive a sanction on my nursing license in late April or early May. I have 21 years and three months of service, including three years of military buyback time. I have carried federal health insurance since 1995. If I wait until the probable board sanction and I get terminated, will I still be able to defer retirement until age 60? Will I still be able to continue health insurance at age 60? Or would it be better to retire the day before the stated board of nursing action and avoid termination? Also, if I am terminated do I go to human resources and apply for deferred retirement, or do I do it through the Office of Personnel Management?

A. Because you are at least 50 years old and have at least 20 years of service, if you are involuntarily separated, you’d be entitled to discontinued service retirement. Your annuity would be payable immediately and, because you have already reached your minimum retirement age, you’d also be entitled to the special retirement supplement.


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