Reserve + Postal Service retirement?


Q. I’m 61 (born in 1952) and am retiring this year at age 62. Beginning in 1970, I served three years of active duty in the Navy, 10 years in the Reserve, 16 years of active-duty reserves. I retired to the fleet reserve in 1999, which delayed my retirement pay to age 60 (2012). I joined the Postal Service in 2001. At that time, I entered FERS and did military buyback. With my Navy and postal time, postal computation shows I have 30 years this year and am eligible to retire from the Postal Service. Will I be able to receive both Naval Reserve retirement and Postal Service retirement, or am I only eligible to collect Postal Service retirement?

A. If you are entitled to reserve retired pay, you’ll be able to receive both benefits with no reduction in either. If you are receiving military retired pay, you’d have to waive that pay to get credit for that active-duty service in the computation of your annuity.


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