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Q. What are the differences if my retirement date is Nov. 29, 2014, or Dec. 1, 2014? I will be retiring from the Postal Service as a Level 18 postmaster. I am retiring under CSRS. My service computation date is July 6, 1979. I will be turning 55 on Nov. 16. I have worked continuously at the Postal Service, and I have 1,848.84 hours of accumulated sick leave.

A. Saturday, Nov. 29, is the end of a biweekly pay period. Therefore, you would get credit for any sick and annual leave you earned during that pay period. You’d also be on the annuity roll on Dec. 1 and entitled to a full month’s annuity. Assuming that you retired at the close of business Dec. 1, you’d earn one more day’s pay but no additional sick or annual leave. Further, you’d only be entitled to 29/30th of your December annuity payment.


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