Processes for disability retirement


Q. I’m a 37 year old federal law enforcement agent Series 1811.  I have a medical condition that has affected my vision and likely cannot be corrected to the standards required by my agency without lengthy, involved treatment. Even though my eyesight has never affected my job, I qualify expert with my weapon and they are sending me to firearms instructor training, even as they say my eyesight is horrible.  If in fact, the doctors tell me that I can’t correct my eyesight enough, will my agency force me into medical retirement?  Can they give me another job?  Do they have to keep paying me at my current pay rate?  I’m a GS-12 with 15+ years combined federal service and active military time (which I have bought back).

A. If your agency finds that you are unable to provide useful and efficient service in your current position, there’s a process they must go through, including attempting to find you another position at the same grade and/or pay, before settling on disability retirement. You’ll find that process at


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