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Q. I am a retired navy reservist and have been a civil servant since 2003.  In 2003, I prepared a package of my active time and submitted it to the Navy and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, following the proper procedures. I submitted a check for the full amount that was in the package.

The package, approved by the Navy and DFAS, included several DD Forms 214 and many Active duty days (regular annual 2 week periods plus additional active duty time).  Excluded were regular reserve weekend drills.  I paid in full for the time calculated by the Navy and DFAS.  My service computation date was adjusted per the package.

Now, the HR department where I work (Veterans Affairs) has reopened the package and wants to disallow all active duty days not covered by a DD Form 214. Meaning, disregard all other active duty days.

What active type days are creditable for retirement in the civil service?

A. While I don’t know all the periods of active duty service that would be considered creditable, I do know two you listed that wouldn’t be. No additional credit is ever given for active duty for training because the employee continues to receive his civilian salary during those two weeks.  “Additional days” fall into the same category, unless you were called to active duty in the service of the United States and were on Leave Without Pay-US.

Note: While a DD 214 isn’t an absolute necessity for proving that you’ve been on active duty and that the time is creditable service for setting an SCD, in its absence, you would have to provide other proof, which you might be able to get from your branch of service.



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