FERS disability payments and SS


Q. I’m 53 and on disability retirement under FERS.  Upon reaching Social Security recipient age, will my FERS disability payment end so I’ll only receive my regular Social Security payment?

A. No. At age 62 your FERS disability annuity will be converted to a regular annuity. Your actual service will be added to the time spent on the disability rolls and the total multiplied by 1 percent. The product will be multiplied by your high-3 when you went on disability and be increased by all FERS cost-of-living increases payable from that time to age 62. You’ll continue to receive your regular Social Security benefit.


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  1. Glenda Davidson on

    I disability retired at age 53 with 23 years of federal service (3 years in the Army and 20 years at the VA. I also receive SS disability. I understand that at age 62 I will be changed over to a regular annuity of 31 years of service. But what happens with my social security disability? Will the amount remain the same or be reduced, increased? Thanks.

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