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Q. Will my regular FERS retirement, when it exceeds FERS disability, be converted from disability to retirement?  Since I am on FERS disability, my tenure continues to run.  How will the supplemental SS portion of my FERS retirement be affected by the SSDI payment?  SSDI does not change until I recover or reach 65.

A. Your FERS disability annuity automatically converts to a regular FERS annuity at age 62. Your disability annuity would be converted to a regular annuity. Your actual service would be added to the time spent on the disability rolls and the total multiplied by 1 percent. The product would be multiplied by your high-3 when you went on disability and be increased by all FERS cost-of-living increases payable from that time to age 62. On the other hand, if you were to claim that you’d recovered from your disability and then applied for a discontinued service annuity, it would be computed using your years of service and high-3 on the day you went on disability, with no FERS COLAs included for the period you were on disability retirement.



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  1. I went out on retirement disability with 19 years and 5 months of fers service. I am 53 years old. If I were deemed recovered would my time on disability be added to my 19 and 5 months as service months for other retirement options?

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