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Q. I was approved for FERS disability retirement but remained on Worker’s Comp. and yet to take the FERS disability retirement. I had 18 1/2 years at air traffic control. When I reach age 62 and the FERS is recalculated, is the time on OWCP counted for that calculation?

A. You’ll find your answer at http://www.opm.gov/retirement-services/publications-forms/csrsfers-handbook/c102.pdf. Just scroll to Section 102A2.1-2.


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  1. Ronald E. Smith on

    If a Dr. says i,m well can i get my job back as an air traffic controller even though i,m 85 yrs. old but can pass the physical?. I was out due to anxiety nurious?

    • Under current rules, the mandatory retirement age of air traffic controllers is 56. The likelihood that your former agency would rehire you at age 85 is zero.

      • Ronald E. Smith on

        how long does it take to get from owcp to fers , about, if OWCP CUTS YOU OFF,PAPER WORK? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP RON

  2. Margaret A Dages on

    I was on federal work comp and disability ssa and at 66 I went on full retirement ssa. Does this mean my work comp is got an off set from FERS?

  3. Joseph E Bartz on

    I have noticed on my Form 1099 from SSA that I am being shown as receiving OWCP benefits. But the fact of the matter is that I was denied OWCP benefits. So, what would that mean to SSA and OPM? How does OPM view that OWCP offset? What does this mean?

      • Thank you. I’ve called to inquire but my file was “pulled”, the person on the phone was not able to respond. I’m also turning 62 in 2 weeks and think the pulling of my file is due to the conversion from FERS disability to the regular retirement.

          • Good day and thank you for your time. What I want to know is this; does the combination of SSD and OWCP benefits determine the OPM disability benefit amount? Would the OPM disability benefit change if I only received SSD? Moreover does the OWCP benefit have any bearing on the amount of OPM benefit amount?

  4. Does my time on OWCP count towards my law enforcement retirement got hurt on job12/21/2019 been on OWCP sense 2/23/2020 had one surgery and waiting on neck fusion i i have 17 years on job plus 9 years military i bought back, how will this effect my retirement

    • No, your time spent on workers’ compensation doesn’t count toward the 20-year requirement to receive a law enforcement retirement benefit. If you retire without having returned to work as an LEO, when you reach the standard age and service requirements to retire, your annuity will be computed using the regular formula, not the enhanced one

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