Military deposit refund for CSRS


Q. I am CSRS and presently employed be the Air Force. I paid my military deposit in full, and as I will never have Social Security quarters, I would like to have it refunded back to me. Although OPM cannot quote the regulation, they said that if I was still making payments on it I could request a refund but because it is paid in full I cannot. Can you quote the regulation that states that? Can you quote the regulation that says that I can have this refunded!

Also if I were to get this military deposit refunded to me, then retire and something catastrophic were to happen to me, my wife, of course, would receive her reduced annuity but as she has her “forty quarters” from Social Security, would that annuity be adjusted? Would it not be adjusted if I did not get the deposit refunded?

A. You’ll find proof of what you were told at Just scroll to Section 23A1.1-5.


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