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Q. I am a federal employee with the VAMC. My appointment is Excepted without time limit. I am currently a GS-8 supervisor with one year in my current position. I have been with the VA since August 2010. I also bought back my military time (4 years). My Service Comp Date is 07/2006. My husband was put on orders to Ft. Leavenworth for school from 06/2014-07/2015. My question is: If I have a break in service where I do not work for the federal government will I:
1) lose my earned years toward retirement?
2) will I lose my earned GS level for reemployment with the government?
3) would I lose my years that I bought back from the military?

A. If you don’t ask for a refund of your retirement contributions when you leave 1) you won’t lose your earned years toward retirement, 2) you would be eligible for reinstatement at your former grade level but not entitled to it, and 3) your bought back years of active-duty service would remain to your credit.


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