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Q. I retired in January as a CSRS annuitant after 32 years of service with the Navy and Marine Corps. I am considering returning to the Navy as a re-employed annuitant. In accordance with DoD policy, I understand that I will be able to draw my full salary and my full annuity without a waiver from OPM. I believe Social Security taxes will be withheld, and I cannot make CSRS contributions if I draw both a pension and full salary. Will I be able to contribute to TSP? Will I accrue annual leave and sick leave? If so, how many hours of leave will I accrue? Will my FEHB premiums be withheld from my salary, or continue to be withheld from my annuity? Will I be able to have a FSA health savings plan?
A. You will be able to contribute to the TSP. You will accrue both annual and sick leave. Your annual leave accrual rate will be the same one you had before you retired. When you retire again, you’ll receive a lump-sum payment for any unused annual leave. You’ll accrue sick leave at the standard four hours per pay period rate. Any sick leave that remains to your credit when you retire again, will be lost. FEHB premiums will continue to be taken from your annuity. If you are currently enrolled in an FSA health savings plan, you can continue that coverage. If you aren’t currently enrolled, you can do so. Note: When you retire again, you’ll receive no retirement credit for that period of employment. The annuity you are already receiving will continue without interruption.


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