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Q. I work for the postal service. Can I buy back the time I was on workers’ compensation? Does it count toward my retirement?

A. Because you weren’t approved for disability retirement, the time you spent on workers’ compensation will be treated as Leave Without Pay and will be fully creditable for determining your length of service and used in the computation of your annuity. No deposit is required for you to get than credit.


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    • OPM asks each retiree who has reached the MRA for a statement of
      earnings each year he or she is eligible to receive the annuity supplement.
      Earnings must be reported by retirees in a form prescribed by OPM.

  1. Linda J Tigner on

    Your answer “Leave without Pay” to determine your length of service to determine annuity? It is my understanding that leave without pay is subtracted from your length of service for retirement? Is this true?

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