Sick leave calculations above 80 percent


Q. When I retire under CSRS, I will have 42 years, four months and seven days of service. I will have a sick leave balance of approximately 584 hours. I was told that since I will be at the maximum, the 30-day rule for computation doesn’t apply (I believe 584 hours is three months and 11 days). In this case, the 11 days would not be dropped, and they would figure out my additional annuity with the 11 days in there for sick leave. Is this true or would it turn out that they drop 11 days? Or would they drop 18 days since normal calculations add the time in service to the sick leave?

A. When you retire, your unused sick leave will be converted into retirement months and added to you regular annuity. If you retired with 584 hours, you’d get 3 additional months credit in your annuity computation, with 62 hours discarded. That additional benefit won’t be subject to the 80 percent limit on your earned annuity.


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