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Q. I am a 30-year USPS employee, and my wife is a 20-year employee. We both plan to retire in 2017. She has been my dependent on my health insurance. Does she need to get her own health insurance before she retires? What happens if I die; can she keep my health insurance?
A: No, she doesn’t need to get her own health insurance. However, if you retire before she does, the enrollment should be switched from your name to hers. That’s because the premium subsidy you receive as a Postal Service employee will end and your premiums will go up. You can make that change during any FEHB open season before you retire.


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  1. Geralyn M Friedel on

    I am retiring Sept 30th 2016. MY husband a USPS City Carrier has been covered un der my APWU Self +1 insurance. Can we switch at the time of my retirement to have him pay the insurance out of his check? How much does he have to pay (union dues) since he is a different craft to get the APWU insurance?

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