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Q. Is the Retiree Annuity Supplement the same as the Special Retirement Supplement? I retired with 30.8 years of federal service and was over the MRA and received my first estimated annuity payment this month. I have to conclude that the supplement wasn’t included in the estimated annuity payment. According to one post for the Special Retirement Supplement, it won’t be included until the annuity has been finalized. Even though it isn’t being paid, has it been estimated and subtracted from the estimated annuity payment I am currently receiving?

A: Yes. The Retiree Annuity Supplement and the Special Retirement Supplement are two terms for the same thing. You are right in assuming that you won’t receive that payment until your annuity is finalized. Since the amount has yet to be determined, it hasn’t been subtracted from your interim annuity payment.


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