LWOP and retirement date


Q. I will have 30 years with the United States Postal Service next year and plan on retiring September 30, 2016. I had to take leave without pay this year because my daughter was injured. How does LWOP affect my retirement next year?

A. It won’t affect your retirement unless you took more than 6 months within the same calendar year. If you did, any days of LWOP beyond six months wouldn’t count toward your total service time. That could affect the date on which you are eligible to retire and the amount of your annuity.


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Reg Jones was head of retirement and insurance policy at the Office of Personnel Management. Email your retirement-related questions to fedexperts@federaltimes.com.


  1. I have been on lwop since 2010, i want to retire i am 64 years old ,i have been recieving workers comp and still do ,i recieved a annuity estimate but dont know how my lwop and workers comp affects the annuity estimate.
    it would help make some decisions to make sure i will be financially able to retire. Thank You Jon B.

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