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Q. I am a FERS employee who plans to retire in May. Should I choose my official retirement date as May 28 or May 31? And if one is better than the other, why is that so? I have been told two different things regarding the date. One: It has to be last day of the month because I am FERS. Two: It needs to be last day of a pay period.

A. You can retire on any day you want to. However, it’s usually a good idea to retire at the end of a pay period, That way you’d receive credit for any annual or sick leave you earned during that period. If you retire before or after the end of a pay period, you get no credit for that leave. On the other hand, if you retire on the last day of the month, you’d not only earn a few more days pay but you’d move without a break from the employment roll to the annuity roll.


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  1. I have applied and received initial balance of catch 62 is ($2,500.00), yet I have not paid back past 34 plus years in the system, at 2019 Aug I will have combined (36 years) CSRS (Still Working) + (4 years) (1976 to 1980 27 July) = Military = total 40 years total @ age 62, (service comp date 27 August 1979) plus Lacking 3/4 of the minimum of 40 quarters to received social security before age 62 (with this pocket change to me to see a movie once or twice a month!) or should I wait after age 62 to meet the minimum requirement? I might Work up to age 65? 85 % for sure.
    I appreciate this very much to assists me any way possible and then sum plug a number and then sum Program somewhere?

    Thank you and
    Semper Fi

    • If you retire and are eligible for a Social Security benefit at age 62 and didn’t make a deposit to get credit for your active duty years, those years will be eliminated and your annuity reduced accordingly. If you retire after age 62, the reduction will occur on the day you retire. In either case the reduction would equal 8 percent of your annuity. On the other hand, if you are retired and not eligible for a Social Security benefit at age 62 (or when you retire if it’s after age 62), there wouldn’t be any reduction. That’s because OPM only checks once.

  2. received VA disability compensation and my health is deteriorating due to service connect disability. Can I received medically retirement from government and compensation on same issue. I have 31 years for federal service. I did 15 years active and 6 in national guard. Yes I brought back my years for combine service. I am trying to work until I am 60 years old so I can get military retire check from reserves I am concerned about my pay. Would receive more if I medical retirement or just should I just retire. Could I apply for SSI through social security. I am 56 years old. I have BC ans BS. I am going to keep my health Insurance. My daughter is 19 yrs old. I could use the VA for my health care but I have my dependent. Freda trying to make the right choice.

    • If you were approved for FERS disability, your annuity would be greater than if you retired on a regular annuity; however, at age 62, your annuity would be converted to a regular annuity, which would be computed as if you had worked at the same salary you had when you retired up to age 60. We aren’t qualified to answer questions about the affect of FERS retirement on VA compensation or SSDI. You’ll have to check with the VA and the Social Security Administration.

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