Combining active duty and civil service


Q. I have 24 years of active duty and am now retired after 10 years of civil service. What take on retirement is most beneficial to me: combining my military with civil service or keeping them separate?

A. Because you are already retired from the civil service, you cannot make a deposit to get credit for your active duty service. Only employees can do that.



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  1. Mickey Mitani on

    I thought the military time buy-back has to be completed before federal service retirement. The way that question was worded it sounds like the individual has already retired from federal service. At that point isn’t it too late to combine military service?

  2. Paul Russell on

    I retired from the Army Reserves in 2004 and became a State of Kentucky employee in 2007. A retirement fund is being taken out of my check from 2007 until 2016. Can this reduced the age limit of 60 from my military service since I am already retired from the service. Where is that money going.

    • Unfortunately, your questions falls outside the boundaries of this forum. We are only able to answer questions about federal civilian employee matters.

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