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Q. Can people who retired under the Civil Service Retirement System get the special Social Security supplement?

A. No. The special retirement supplement is only payable to FERS employees who retire at their minimum retirement age with 30 years of service; at age 60 with 20; or on early voluntary or involuntary retirement when their agency is undergoing a major reorganization, RIF or transfer of function and they have reached their minimum retirement age.


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  1. My SS was cut from 1350 to 325 minus the 105 to Medicare, I am a teacher retired at 65 my only time I did not pay into SS was after 2002, my 21 years I paid into are not under Wep, but I lost all of above and ex spouse because of Gov off set, My income is about 14,000 a year, do I qualify for any services? I am at poverty level because of this attack on my SS.

    • Your question falls outside the boundaries of this forum. You may want to check with your state or local social services agencies.

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