Can I request a buyout?


Q. I am currently employed with the Veterans Healthcare Administration, age 60, with more than 21 years of service. How does one go about initiating a request for buyout in the event none is being offered? Is this possible?

A. No, it isn’t possible. However, since you already meet the age and service requirements to retire, you can do that whenever you feel like it.


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  1. Reg Mr. Jones: Question, does the VSIP buyout count on my high-3 earning for my OPM annuitant payment and my SSA annuitant payments, and was my VSIP payment from my employer should have been paid to me in the 2018 Tax Year since I retired on Dec 31, 2018 because the agency waited until Mar 24, 2019 to process the VSIP? Thanks

    • A VSIP has no affect on your high-3; however, it does count as regular income in the year in which it’s received and will be taxed accordingly.

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