Q. Social Security will go up 2.2 percent in 2018. Does the FERS supplemental Social Security payment increase the same (or at all), when regular Social Security payments are increased?

A. No, it doesn’t. The special retirement supplement remains fixed at the beginning amount until age 62, when you first become eligible for a regular Social Security benefit.


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    • No your SRS will NOT change. I was just approved for SSDI in Jun 2017 and I asked this question specifically cuz I thought I would lose the supplement. SSA said NO so I receive BOTH.

  1. Dear Mr Jones,
    This is my last year receiving Supplemental S.S.. (retired from USPS as FERS in April 2016) I was born in the middle of the month of January. Will this Supplement end in December of this year or will it include the January of 2018–the month I turn 62 and stop in February?
    Thank you.
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    • According to OPM, “The retiree annuity supplement is payable through the earlier of the following dates:
      1. The last day of the month in which the retiree becomes age 62; or
      2. The last day of the month before the first month for which the retiree would, upon proper application, be entitled to Social Security benefits.
      NOTE: For retirement and Social Security purposes, an individual attains or becomes 62 on the ‘first moment’ of the day before his or her 62nd birthday.”

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