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Q. The only service computation date on the leave and earnings statement is for leave computation; where can I find my SCD for retirement?

A. According to the Office of Personnel Management, “You have several SCDs. For example, your SCD Leave appears on every SF 50 (Notification of Personnel Action) in Block 31. Its service that is creditable for leave accrual purposes, such as advancing to the next leave category. Your SCD Retirement reflects service that is creditable toward your eligibility to retire. Generally, SCD Leave and SCD Retirement are the same unless you are retired military. If you are a military retiree, consult with your human resource (HR) office to determine your SCD Retirement. Your estimate will use the assumption that you will make a deposit to receive credit for any military service. If you are not retired military, use the SCD from Block 31 on a recent SF 50.”


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  1. Reg listed where you can find the info on your SF-50. If you use myEPP through the NFC, the information you seek can be found under the Miscellaneous section.

  2. My situation is different than many others. I did not retire from the military. I spent several years on active duty in the Air Force, then time in both the Georgia Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve accumulating some active duty time. My SCD leave is based upon my DD-214 from the Air Force. I did not receive a DD-214 from either GANG or AFR ,but I had copies of my orders and my pay stubs (1988 to 1993). I bought back all three sets of active military time. My retirement SCD is 88 days prior to my leave SCD.

  3. I was medically retired at 10 yrs 7mo and bought back my military time when I became a government employee. I was told that my SCD leave date will not be updated to reflect my bought back time because I am “retired”. Does the fact that I bought back my military time, therefore, giving up my military retirement not mean I get the SCD leave date changed as well? I have been researching this for years and I have yet to find any information that talks about military retirement specifically with the buyback.

    • Because you are receiving military retired pay – the reason why is unimportant – you will only get credit for that time in your annuity computation when you retire and waive that pay.

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