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Reg Jones was head of retirement and insurance policy at the Office of Personnel Management. Email your retirement-related questions to fedexperts@federaltimes.com.


  1. I am a 56 year old civil servant with 31 years of service. Six of those years were NAF. I wanted to retire this year and was told I cannot buy back that NAF Time. I was converted under “Portability”……does any of my Full Time NAF Time Count? Can I buy it back? What happened to the money I paid into the NAF Retirement System?

  2. In 13 months when I turn 62 , my disability retirement will convert to my regular retirement and I will be credited with 31years and 3 months as a retired letter-carrier for the postal service. Here is my question: Can I be reemployed by the postal service once I reach my regular retirement age of 62? I am trying to be re-eligable for for thrift savings ( I made a huge mistake of opting out of thrift savings 2 years ago) and I want to fix the mistake of not taking a survivor benefit for my fers annuity for my wife. Or, could I be reemployed as a letter-carrier while I’m still on disability retirement to “fix” the thrift and survivor benefit mistakes? Which, if either is the more feasible scenario?

    • Nothing prevents you from applying for a job with the U.S. Postal Service or any other agency of government. However, if the salary you are paid exceeds a certain level, your disability retirement would be terminated. If your salary falls below that level, you could ask to have your disability retirement reinstated. If you still qualify, it would. If you didn’t, it wouldn’t.

  3. Reg, re the FERS survivor benefit, can’t he just contact OPM Retirement Services and tell them he wants to elect a FERS survivor benefit for his wife? I believe they will recalculate his annuity to adjust it for this.

  4. I am approaching retirement in 343 days and have been brushing up on this subject. What I read was no. You have to decide when you submit application. Survivors benefits cost you 10% of your FERS annuity.

    One thing I learned also was that if you, a FERS retiree, elect this and then your wife passes away, as a survivor, your benefit is cut 50%. Cuts both ways.

  5. I’m planning to tell to high management officials, fraud and abuse of authority of Supervisors and Human Resource employees in my agency once I started receiving my annuity. Do they have authority to stop it?

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