Q. I never heard of anyone being offered both a VERA and a VSIP. Is that possible?

A. Yes, it is possible. And it’s not that uncommon. However, while the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority is generally offered to anyone who meets the age and service requirements in an organization or geographic area, the Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment is offered only to those in selected positions that ad agency wishes to reduce or abolish. Unlike the VERA, a VSIP can be offered to and accepted by anyone to whom it is offered, regardless of whether they meet the age and service requirements to retire.


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  1. Still waiting for the Senate Budget committee to release the senates budget plan so the House and Senate can negotiate and make a budget bill ready for debate and Voting. Only thing new I have heard is Senator McCain says he will vote yes for the budget because defense got their raise.

    Have you heard anything new coming out of the committees? (Still on Pins and needles worried to lose 1/3 of my pension if they decide SRS is no more)

    Fed retirees: Watch the TSP G fund…..some in congress think that the 10 year treasure rate is too good and it might get changed to something more like the overnight rate like 0.05%. If that happens too, I won’t leave my TSP money after retirement in a G fund that pays next to nothing. Watch what they do to our TSP G fund….maybe not smart financially but pride will make me look elsewhere for better choices and rates than 0.05%

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