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Q. If I retire when I’m 52 years old and 30 years of service, can I get the FERS Special Retirement Supplement when my MRA is reached at 56 and 6 months?

A. You could only retire at age 52 with 30 years of service if your agency offered you an early retirement opportunity under the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority. If they did, you’d be entitled to receive the special retirement supplement when you reach your MRA. On the other hand, if you resigned from the government, you’d be entitled to an annuity at your MRA but you wouldn’t be eligible for the SRS.


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Reg Jones was head of retirement and insurance policy at the Office of Personnel Management. Email your retirement-related questions to fedexperts@federaltimes.com.


  1. Only way this person could retire immediately with 30 years at age 52 WITHOUT benefit of early retirement/discontinued service retirement is if they were retiring under special provisions for Federal Law Enforcement/Fire Fighting or Air Traffic Controllers as long as 20 years of that service at minimum was while working in the above occupations!

    Otherwise like you stated they could only go under early retirement authority or via discontinued service if they were being laid off and their agency had no other job to offer them that they were qualified for within their commuting area!

  2. As an adnin for a Facebook page, regarding supplement and retirement, I believe I read somewhere, that people who retire at 60 only receive HALF of the total supplement (the two years is understood). What is any rule which reduces the amount of the supplement ? Thank You

  3. If I take the Fers supplement at 61 do I have to take social security at 62 or can I still defer until full retirement age of 66 1/2 ?

    • No, you son’t have to receive a Social Security benefit at age 62. When you decide to begin receiving it is up to you.

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