Correcting service computation date


Q. How do I correct my service computation date on my leave and earnings statement?

A. You’ll have to go to your personnel office and ask them to review the paperwork in your OPF (Official Personnel Folder). If there is any service you performed for which you haven’t been given credit, they can do that. If there is any service your performed that isn’t in the file, they can help you obtain the necessary documentation.


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  1. Bill Anderson on

    how does a person get a CSD claim number TO TRY AND REPAY ADVANCED CSRS RETIREMENT FUNDS after break in service

    • If you are retired, you can’t make a repayment. If you are an employee you can. Your personnel office can explain how you do that.

    • Assuming you are still an employee, for CSRS, you need to complete SF-2803, Application to Make Deposit or Redeposit. It is found on OPM’s site at:

      You complete Part A, then send it to your Agency’s HR where they fill out Part B. They then send it to OPM, who computes the amount of your Redeposit and Interest, and sends you an invoice for it. It can take 6-9 months.

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