Q. I am turning 65 in March, and am considering joining a Medicare Advantage Plan. I would suspend my FEHB plan at that time, in case I decide to go back to it.

If I decide to re-enroll in my FEHB, I know you have to wait until the next open season, which would be the fall period. But the Advantage Plans have an additional open season in the spring, could I do it then as well? And would it have to be that first open season, or could you still go back, say, the next open season the following year? I guess I’m asking if there is just that one shot for going back to FEHB.

Also, say I decided to re-enroll in my FEHB plan, and at a later open season decided to get back into another Medicare Advantage Plan … could I go ahead and suspend my FEHB coverage again? In other words, can you go through that scenario more than once?

A. Unless your Medicare Advantage plan goes out of business, you can only re-enroll in the FEHB program during the annual Open Season. There is nothing that would prevent you from suspending your FEHB coverage at a later date to enroll in that Medicare Advantage plan or any other.


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