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Q. I would like to know if the service computation date changes immediately once I begin buying back my time or once I payoff the time? The other question I have is about leave accrual. I know some folks that have begun paying back their deposit and they have had their SCD adjusted plus they also start accumulating leave at the SCD adjustment rate.

A. That confusion is based on the fact that there are two service computation dates. The first SCD is the one used to determine your years of service for leave accrual. Active duty service for non-retired members of the military is included in that, but only if they have provided proof of that service to heir personnel office. The second SCD is used to determined your years of service for retirement purposes. You only receive credit for it when you have completed the deposit to cover that period of active duty service.


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  1. Timothy Bozoki on

    I’m afraid the answer is that your SCD will not change for FERS retirement until OPM adjudicates your retirement package.

    I just retired 1 Nov and OPM case in early February. You’ll get a nice summary booklet of your retirement from OPM. Here is where you’ll see your.military deposit time credited

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