VERA and the special retirement supplement


Q. My husband and I were both federal employees and took the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority. The minimum retirement age for both of us is age 56. Will we both be eligible to receive the special retirement supplement at the MRA, or will only one of us receive the supplement at MRA?

A. You will both be eligible for the SRS when you reach your MRA.

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  1. Colene Domenech on

    Will opm notify me that I will lose my supplement if I work another job past age 56? Or do I have to notify them how much I made?

  2. I also took the VERA (in 2014) and my MRA will be reached in December 2019. Will OPM automatically begin to give me the SRS or do I have to contact them for it?

  3. Mr Jones,

    If I took an early retirement through VERA after only 28 years of service, will I still be eligible for the special supplement at my MRA.

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