The special retirement supplement and Social Security Disability


Q. I am a federal law enforcement retiree (I left service in 2015) and get my FERS annuity and special supplement. I was recently approved for Social Security Disability. Does SSDI affect my supplement, i.e., is it considered wages that count against the supplement limit on earnings? Will my FERS annuity be affected?

A. Your special retirement supplement won’t be affected. That’s because only earnings from wages or self-employment can affect that benefit. Social Security Disability Insurance is neither.


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  1. I retired at 56 years old 33 years of federal service was approved for social security disability does the windfall elimination provision affect me because i have over 30 years of substainal earning and will my fers annuity and social security disability apply to the windfall elimination provision

    • The windfall elimination provision only applies to earnings from wages and self employment, not annuities or disability benefits.

    • The Social Security Administration (SSA) offsets its annuity payments for clients who are receiving OWCP workers’ compensation benefits. If you are receiving wage loss payments or a schedule award, then the SSA will deduct a percentage of its annuity payments based on the amount you’re entitled to through OWCP.

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