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Q. I resigned at 56 under FERS after 16 years. I plan on deferring annuity until full benefit at 62. Am I correct that if I take benefit between 57 and 61, I am not entitled to COLA?

A. Yes. With the exception of law enforcement officers, firefighters and air traffic controllers, the annuities of FERS retirees are not increased by COLAs until age 62.


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  1. Wouldn’t it make more sense for this person to apply for a POSTPONED FERS ANNUITY vs DEFERRED ANNUITY at age 62 since they left at age 56, making them MRA+10 eligible (resigned at age 56 with 16 years service)? If this person was enrolled in a FEHB plan the five immediate years prior to their leaving FedGov service, they’d be eligible to re-apply for FEHB when they start receiving their FERS Annuity at age 62.

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