Q. I’m a FERS employee who is eligible to retire at age 56 with 32 years of service. However, I’m planning to work until age 62. What happens to the special retirement supplement? Do I lose it completely?

A. The special retirement supplement is designed to bridge the gap between when you retire and age 62 when you are first eligible for a Social Security benefit. If you retire at 62 or later, you won’t be entitled to that benefit.


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  1. If You are eligible to retire at 56 your retirement plus the supplement will be so close to your wages without overtime that you will be only working for a few dollars an hour

  2. Jim Wingquist on

    If you have 20 or more years and work until 62, your multiple will move from 1% to 1.1%. In other words 10% more in retirement.

      • You are “leaving” 20K/year “on the table, but if your salary is 60K, 80K, 100K, you won’t be getting that anymore, plus your high three, etc, is permanently affected.

        • That is true but when you look at take home pay while working vs take home pay in retirement with the supplement you will be taking home almost the same amount so in reality you are working for a few dollars an hour. The difference for wm was 100 a month less in retirement vs working.

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